20-06-1945 - 08/07/2009

Late, R.C.Sethi was a great visionary. He was the founder of Rohan group of companies, He successfully launched several projects had great experience dealing with multinational corporation offering. His vision and consultancy experiences to develop innovate enhance and expand there business ventures.

Mrs. Raunaq

Chairman of the board

Raunaq is Chairman of Rohan group of companies. She has vast experience in managing the day to day administration of the corporations. Her achievements in Canada as a general manager in major corporations has been tremendous asset to the company.

After Mr. R.C.Sethi's untimely death, she has been the backbone of the corporation, from project analysis to financial management of the group. She has excelled in all fronts.

Mr. Hemant

President and C.E.O.

Over the last decade, Hemant Bhatia has Acted, Produced & Directed dramatic Ad Films, Documentaries & Feature Films in Canada, after a decade as a successful entrepreneur, returning to his roots in Mumbai and building upon his business experience, he quickly rose through the ranks as a C.E.O., Managing Director and Producer for Rohan Group of Companies.

Hemant has carried his creative spirit and entrepreneurial success into the film and television industry.